Client IP Address Lookup not correct

Tony Feltham asked on March 20, 2018 14:21

I am trying to retrieve the IP of the user logging in so that I can log and track IP usage.

Using suggestions gleaned from posts I have tried to use the below with little joy.

If I attempt a login where my IP address is RequestContext.UserHostAddress returns me and the GeoIPHelper (see below) returns no values for any of the vars

GeoLocation currentGeoLocation = GeoIPHelper.GetCurrentGeoLocation(); if (currentGeoLocation != null) { var countryAndState = ValidationHelper.GetString(currentGeoLocation.CountryName, ""); var ipCountryCode = ValidationHelper.GetString(currentGeoLocation.CountryCode, ""); var ipRegion = ValidationHelper.GetString(currentGeoLocation.RegionName, ""); var ipCity = ValidationHelper.GetString(currentGeoLocation.City, ""); }

I have also looked into the Kentico event log which stores the IP address on Authentication (which I assume is core Kentico functionality) and it appears that this is not actually outputting the correct IP Address.

My IP Address is and when I view event logs after logging in it states my IP address was

the 86. ip has correct GeoLocation data (using the 10. IP has no GeoLocation data which explains the above.

If I chose to enter my IP Address as a BannedIP I assume I would therefore still be able to login as the perceived IP is rather than

Have I understood this correctly and if not please can anyone explain what is occurring here and why Kentico is not registering the correct IP address.

Many Thanks

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 20, 2018 16:33

This all depends on where your site is running and how you access it. For instance, if you have a local instance running on an internal network, it will get your internal network IP address, hence it returning a 10.100 address. If you have an external site on a DMZ outside your firewall and if you access it internally it typically proceeds out through the firewall and accesses your domain, this returning your public facing IP address.

I'd get a better feel for how your network is setup then come report that and we can troubleshoot more from there.

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 21, 2018 00:37

You may be behind a proxy, check the header values of the request for a "x-forwarded" that will contain the original IP, along with what Brenden said.

Also know that in general, not every IP address will be locatable, it's always a little hit or miss

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