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  • How to best handle dynamic and static compression?
    Jared Gotte    —       —    Question

    So the best output compression combination I've found so far (for IIS 7 @ 8) is to:Enable dynamic compression via IIS to handle all desired compression algorithms (gzip, deflate, br, etc.) Fine-tun...

  • Using Azure Functions with Kentico
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Microsoft Azure is continually being enhanced with more and more functionality that developers can leverage within their applications. From data storage to computing, there are a ton of great features available to simplify programming, offload workloads, and improve efficiency. Recently, Microsoft introduced Azure Functions, which is a huge benefit for developers. In this blog, I’ll show you how you can leverage Azure Functions to automate functionality within your Kentico site and eliminate resource-intensive processing.

  • Compression of Files
    Dave Nelson    —       —    Question is reporting that many of our files are not being served with GZip. We have @Enable output compression@ and @Enable resource compression@ checked. And they are files being served vi...

  • Kentico 8.1 Gzip Compression
    Jeff Anderson    —       —    Question

    We recently upgraded from Kentico 5.5 where we enabled compression in IIS and added the AppSettings key CMSAllowGzip. This option appears to have been removed in version 8. According to Google Pa...