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  • Bounce tracking issue
    Mike Rocha    —       —    Question

    Hello all, I have recently run into an issue with my bounced email tracking setup in Kentico. I've got my bounce tracking checking an MS Exchange account via POP3. It's worked quite well for some m...

  • Monitor bounced emails
    Richard Coady    —       —    Question

    Hi,We are setting up bounced email monitoring, we relay email using a third party MTA. We can easily route bounced emails to a mail box for processing as per the documentation. My question is what ...

  • Bounced Emails - Error
    Kelly Shepard    —       —    Question

    I am just setting up my site to monitor bounced emails. When I run the scheduled task I get the following error:Message: 'binary' is not a supported encoding name. For information on defining a cus...