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Mike Rocha asked on May 6, 2021 23:07

Hello all, I have recently run into an issue with my bounced email tracking setup in Kentico. I've got my bounce tracking checking an MS Exchange account via POP3. It's worked quite well for some months now but it recently stopped working. The error I'm getting for my bounce checker scheduled task is as follows:

Error: The server did not respond with a + response. The response was: ":+OK 440552 17716036414"

It's not visible in the above text but there are two ETB characters before the colon. It seems that the OpenPop library Kentico uses doesn't like the control characters preceding ':+OK', so it assumes it's a failure. Not sure why the server only recently started passing in control characters.

Anyone experienced this before? Having seen the OpenPop source code, it's a quick fix to remove the control characters before checking, but this is a built-in Kentico library.

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David te Kloese answered on May 21, 2021 09:17

If not solved I'd recommend reaching out through or let know how you solved it for others!

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