• Kentico Xperience Design Patterns: Handling Failures - Centralized Exception Handling
    Article Nov 12, 2021
    Learn how to deal with failed operations in Kentico Xperience applications using centralized exception handling.

  • Compare Two Ways of Creating MVC Widgets
    Article Nov 2, 2021
    Kentico Xperience’s MVC support has come a long way since the old days. With the MVC widgets, content editors can have more fun assemble a page using components. As a solution architect, I get asked a lot about how to make decisions on creating widgets. In this article, I’m g...

  • 25 Reasons to Move to Kentico Xperience MVC
    Article Mar 10, 2021
    Even in 2021, I am still having multiple conversations with existing Kentico Xperience clients from a business, executive, and/or marketing standpoint about moving from Portal Engine to MVC. Most of my conversations revolve around people who are having difficulties to fully u...

  • Virtual Widget for Kentico MVC
    Article Sep 8, 2020
    As developers convert websites from Portal Engine to MVC, Many have said there should be a way to allow front end developers to create virtual widgets in MVC, similar to Portal. That way, front end developers can work more independently, instead of relying on backend develope...

  • Kentico 12 MVC Design Patterns - MVC Widget Tips
    Article Mar 3, 2020
    Learn some tips and best practices when developing and integrating MVC Widgets into your Kentico 12 MVC site.

  • Visual Studio extension for Kentico MVC is here
    Article Nov 4, 2019
    You want to create a new MVC widget, open Visual Studio, create a new Controller, View, and then you open documentation and start reading. But you want to write code, not read documentation, right?

  • Download MVC Widgets from the New Marketplace
    Article Jul 30, 2019
    We have just launched a new MVC Marketplace on DevNet so that you can easily download components made by fellow developers and share your own.

  • How to Create a Responsive Website at Speed in MVC
    Article May 29, 2019
    Nowadays, when a website isn't responsive, it's not a website. With the majority of people using their mobile devices for internet browsing, having websites optimized for mobile has quickly become very important. Have you implemented a responsive website on Portal Engine befo...

  • Converting a Portal Engine Widget to an MVC Widget
    Article May 16, 2019
    In a previous article , we learned how to build a basic MVC widget. However, there are more advanced tools in Kentico 12 that can make life even easier for your content editors. Let's recreate a more complex Portal Engine widget in MVC while making it as simple as possible f...

  • Build a Portal Engine widget in MVC
    Article Apr 18, 2019
    Have you ever used a Portal Engine web part that did almost the thing you wanted, but not quite? Do you remember the CSS list menu generating all kinds of CSS classes except the ones your front-end designer wants? Or all the sleepless nights trying to fine-tune Repeaters? Wil...

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