• I am receiving: "Recompilation limit of 100 reached. HostingEnvironment caused shutdown" in Event l
    Question Jul 12, 2009
    I am receiving: "Recompilation limit of 100 reached. HostingEnvironment caused shutdown" in Event log

  • Limit uploading file
    Question Aug 5, 2022
    is it possible to limit file size such as docs, pdf and image file such as png, jpg format in different limit configuration while uploading to media library?

  • Limit creating users or roles at CMS
    Question Feb 18, 2022
    Hi i'm using kentico 13, is there a limit while creating users or roles at cms ? I've tried create users and roles more than 15 and it's okay. just want to make there's no limit for creating it right ?

  • Limit number of widgets
    Question Dec 15, 2022
    Hello We have a simple requirement to limit the number of widgets in an area. I note the following from k13 training: > Developers can limit what kinds of widgets and what number of instances can be put into page sections. The limit can be set on the page section level. How...

  • Increase limit of rich text editor
    Question Oct 28, 2022
    We are using Kentico 10 and found out there is a limit of 3000 characters on RichTextBox. Can we increase it? On database we are using NVARCHAR(MAX). The column is expected to hold around 10000 characters. Thanks

  • Limit visibility of widgets as per admin on widget interface and allow admin to add as needed
    Question Oct 20, 2022
    Hi Team, Can we limit the visibility of widgets specific to retailer and be able to add widgets/ enable as per each admin need. Is any solution which is technically feasible in Kentico. Below is the mockup.

  • In Pages Form Control I want to limit the maximum number of Selections
    Question Aug 16, 2022
    How Can I Limit the Maximum number of items that can be added as shown in the following `t[documentation](https://docs.xperience.io/k12sp/managing-website-content/working-with-pages/reusing-other-pages-when-editing-content)

  • Repeater limit number load more
    Question Sep 15, 2022
    Is it possible to limit the output of from a repeater to a set number and a **load more** to see more results? I tried paging, and it works ok, but I think a load more would look better. Is there an easy way to do this?

  • Page Builder Widgets: Restrict usage for User Role
    Question Jun 23, 2022
    I've tried to find some [official](https://www.peryourhealth.pro/) info on this in the official Kentico 13 (.Net Core) Documentation without success. I am wondering if there is a way to restrict the use of page builder widgets by user role (either allow or deny widget usage ...

  • Azure media library with lots of files makes "Select media file" dialog unresponsive
    Question Jun 30, 2022
    Do anyone have any advice/approach on using Azure storage for a large number of media? I have put items in to sub-folders so most have < 50 items, one has 170. Doing this allows the media library UI to work (although quite slow). But the media selection dialog in the Pages ap...

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