• Configuring Rest on azure web application
    Question Sep 2, 2019
    I have a requirement for an external application writing to our form library using rest, I am hosting the site on azure, I cant find any documentation on how to configure my environment.

  • Azure blob files not showing in Kentico media library on Azure App
    Question Apr 7, 2021
    I have latest Kentico application + .NET Core MVC. Both solutions are setup to use Azure Blob Storage as media library. That is the code both uses: protected override void OnInit() { base.OnInit(); // Creates a new StorageProvider instance for Azure ...

  • Kentico Azure SDK Version Requirements
    Knowledge Base Article May 23, 2016
    Avoiding version issues with Kentico Azure Cloud Service Projects When developing a Kentico Azure Cloud Services project, you need to make sure that you are using the correct versions of Visual Studio, the Azure SDK, and Azure Authoring Tools for the version of Kentico you...

  • Azure Search in Kentico 12 mvc
    Question Apr 2, 2020
    Hi, I am facing this issue even though I followed the kentico docs regarding azure search indexing. Created a new azure search in kentico cms. I already got azure cognitive search in azure portal. I used relevant details for azure service setting in the cms. For trial,I just...

  • Changing K12 project's DB to Azure
    Question Sep 18, 2020
    I wanted to change our database's location from running locally on the SQLExpress server to Azure's SQL server. The steps I followed were the following: 1. From SSMS, I exported the DB using "Export Data-Tier Application" to generate a ***.bacpac*** file 2. From SSMS, I disc...

  • Translating Content with Kentico Cloud and Azure
    Article May 24, 2018
    Automation can go a long way in making a developer's life easier. When it comes to content, the less to deal with, the better! Let me show you how to automate translation with Kentico Cloud. Ever since we released Kentico Cloud, developers have asked for a way to write conte...

  • Windows Azure and Smart search errors
    Knowledge Base Article Oct 20, 2013
    This article summarizes some suggestions you can try when dealing with errors related to Smart search module on Kentico CMS instances deployed to Azure.

  • Permission to access Search - Azure module
    Question May 9, 2020
    Hello, I'm trying to give a user role access to the Search - Azure module. It seems like almost any other module can be selected from the Permission module list, but Search or Search - Azure are not part of it. I can see the Search related items on the UI personalization tab,...

  • Kentico | High CPU Usage | Azure
    Question Nov 30, 2017
    Hello, I recently noticed that it seems like my application is going haywire after not logging into it for a while. I've done two things that has fixed it - log into Kentico admin & restart the application in Azure. **Architecture:** * Hosting in Azure Web App (Set to alway...

  • add azure storage to Kentico 11
    Question Jan 23, 2018
    I have blob container and I am trying to [configuring Azure storage in Kentico 11](https://docs.kentico.com/k11/custom-development/working-with-physical-files-using-the-api/configuring-file-system-providers/configuring-azure-storage#ConfiguringAzurestorage-Usingpermanentlinksw...

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