• Local Smart Search Tasks Filling up
    Question Oct 30, 2023
    We've just had an out of memory exception below System.OutOfMemoryException in CMS.DataEngine.BulkUpdateHandler.StartEvent for CMS.WebFarmSync.WebFarmTaskProcessor.Process. On review I noticed there are 1000's of tasks queued in the Smart search local task (which we don't use...

  • K13 spurious content in search highlight
    Question Jan 11, 2023
    Hello We have a basic k13 Azure Cognitive search implementation with a custom ISearchCrawlerContentProcessor to restrict the page builder content being indexed on included pages. There is a consistent problem when a search executes that the first highlight value in the sys_c...

  • CORS issues after upgrading Kentico 12 to latest hotfix
    Question Feb 14, 2023
    Hi I recently updated our Kentico website from 12.0.77 to 12.0.101 because there was a bug that was solved in a later hotfix. I noticed that after this, well I assume that this caused it, API calls are not processed correctly anymore and resulting in CORS issues. So there is...

  • Kentico k11 and k12 record sequence not matched
    Question Apr 3, 2023
    Hi Members, Is anyone have any idea related the record of the database sequence is not match in **Kentico**. Like: I have a k11 Kentico database and k12 kentico database both contain the same table with same of the record, if we run a query on the database based on the condi...

  • AuthenticationManager.GetExternalLoginInfoAsync() returns null for Kentico 12 MVC
    Question Mar 27, 2023
    I have created a Kentico application on Kentico12 MVC version v12.0.81 and .net 4.6.1 and I have setup Azure ADB2C for external authentication. The application is running fine on dev and test environment and able to get the users data in my code returned from Azure ADB2C. Bu...

  • Kentico Xperience import toolkit 13 error
    Question Oct 10, 2023
    Hi, I am getting an error during importing data from Kentico 7 to 13. An error occurred on import: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders.Abstractions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=adb9793829ddae60' or one of its dependenci...

  • email queue
    Question Aug 16, 2023
    We're having an issue where emails are not being sent out over night when the site is as active. Is there a way to for the scheduler to run without someone being active on the site? We're in kentico 13

  • Search in Kentico 13
    Question Apr 22, 2022
    Hi Team, Can some one help me how to Implement Search and Search Suggestions in Kentico 13

  • Web Farm Licence
    Question Sep 3, 2022
    Hi Guys, We have a client who is looking to move to Azure and benefit from load balancing. We are using v11x Ultimate and have just been testing this out. The load balancing works, with the exception of its reporting a licence issue, however, I was under the impression that ...

  • Cookie usage in multisite
    Question Feb 17, 2023
    Hi, I am setting a cookie in a controller using CookieHelper.SetValue(). I can get the value in my view and see it in the Application tab of dev tools on my main domain. However, in my multidomain installation, I am unable to see the cookie when on a different domain. Can anyo...

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