FolderTree.FailedLoad: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.

David vanBlaricom asked on October 17, 2023 21:13

We took the Kentico 13 admin from staging and put it on production. All of the Azure storage keys are correct in app configuration. The media library on staging works without issue, however, on production (same codebase), throws "FolderTree.FailedLoad: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed." when loading the media library.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on October 18, 2023 06:01

If the same code base works on other environment, this does not seem to be a Kentico issue. I would expect it to occur on all environments. I would recommend comparing the environment setup and configuration to see what is different. If you are using Azure storage, make sure all the custom assembly files and DLLs were deployed too. I would maybe try redeploying again - and making sure there are no old files left before the deployment.

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