Why are certain built-in files excluded from the Kentico 8.1 projects?

Bryan Drenner asked on November 19, 2014 17:13

I noticed that a few files aren't included in any of Kentico 8.1's three projects:

  • \App_Themes\Default\Bootstrap\close.less
  • \App_Themes\Default\CMSComponents\mass-actions.less
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\CMSPlugins\images\InsertImageAttachment.png
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\enterkey\samples\enterkey.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforflash.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforhtml.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforflash\outputforflash.fla
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforflash\outputforflash.swf
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforflash\swfobject.js
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\sharedspace\samples\sharedspace.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\sourcedialog\samples\sourcedialog.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\toolbar\samples\toolbar.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\wysiwygarea\samples\fullpage.html
  • \CMSModules\Content\Controls\MassActions.ascx.designer.cs
  • \CMSResources\CMS.cs-cz.resx
  • \CMSResources\CMS.sk-sk.resx
  • \CMSScripts\Vendor\jQuery\jquery-1.11.0-amd.js

Which of these should be added to the project? Which should be omitted? Which can be deleted?

Note: One more file, \Old_App_Code\CMSModules\OnlineMarketing\OnlineMarketingLoader.cs, is also mysteriously excluded, but I already got an answer for that one.

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 21, 2014 00:50

What are you comparing them to? Do you have 2 exact instances and one is missing them? If you're upgrading, or applying hotfixes, there's a good chance the files are just not needed or have been condensed or the code is depreciated.

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Bryan Drenner answered on November 21, 2014 16:11

I found them in an existing solution after an upgrade to Kentico 8.1. However, I have a pristine (fresh) installation of Kentico 8.1 that I compared with. Those files exist in the pristine installation, too, though similarly excluded from its .csproj files.

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Martin Danko answered on November 24, 2014 15:03

Hello Bryan,

The explanation is pretty simple as I believe:

  • \App_Themes\Default\Bootstrap\close.less
  • \App_Themes\Default\CMSComponents\mass-actions.less

... these are less files which are compiled into CSS file: Designing websites using CSS and this is also great article: Do more with {LESS}

  • All those CKEditor files are part of the CKEditor examples which we left there but they are not required by the application.

  • \CMSResources\CMS.cs-cz.resx

  • \CMSResources\CMS.sk-sk.resx

... resource files for Czech and Slovak languages which are part of the default installation as well but as the application is distributed primary in english language, they are also excluded by default.

Best regards, Martin

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