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Marcel Guldemond asked on July 14, 2015 20:17


I'm trying to get our Kentico server set up / work flow working. ( local dev + Visual Studio -> dev instance for QA -> stage instance for client content editing -> prod instance )

I'm currently trying to synch between local developer environment and our dev instance.

I followed the instructions in the documentation, and get this message when I try to synch from local to dev:

Synchronization failed, see synchronization log for details.


  1. where is the synchronization log, and what is the most likely cause of this error.
  2. does there have to be a matching website on the target server?
  3. if so, does the code name have to match, and
  4. do all of the pages have to match, or will synching move new pages over?



So I managed to get our test server to export our test site, and imported it onto my local development VM. I added a page to the site and tried to synch just that page. Here is the error in the log:

Synchronization client error: Exception occurred: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.

When I'm setting up the target server, and I hit 'Check availability', it returns 'OK'. Not sure what I'm missing here.

Update 2:

I just tried to check on the Staging -> Servers to make sure I had the user/pw correct, and the server I added was missing. I tried adding it again, it said it was added successfully, but when I went bak to the servers page, it shows this error:

[UniGrid] : Error during reloading data.

thanks, Marcel

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Zach Perry answered on July 15, 2015 16:51

Next to the sync task on the right said there should be a clickable link "Failed". Should pop a modal up with the reason the task failed.

As far as syncing - you can move one page over at a time or all of them. You save a kentico object, it creates a sync task. Generally speaking if the item doesn't exist on the next environment it will insert it, if it's already there it will update it.

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Bryan Soltis answered on July 15, 2015 17:40

This also depends on what all you have marked for syncing ion the Admin / Settings / Versioning & Synchronization / Staging section. This tells Kentico what objects / pages / content to log when a change is made.

Also be sure to check your Server settings in the Admin / Staging / Servers section to make sure you have the correct url / username / password.


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Marcel Guldemond answered on August 10, 2015 21:02

Hi Bryan and Zach, thanks for the answers and sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I was away on vacation.

I'm sure I clicked on the Failed link and the reason given was generic and didn't help me.

When I set up the synch connection it has a Test button, and clicking that says the connection was good.

Then I thought that maybe I needed to have sites with the same name and codename set up on each server, so I thought I would export our initial test/dev site and import it to my local development set up. However, I've just tried to export, but now I get an access denied error.

Access to the path 'E:\dev\scg-kentico-dev\Kentico82\CMS\App_Data\Persistent\newsitewizard_4421f2a2-9ebb-416b-9d35-ec357c06144e_settings_log.dat' is denied.

Do I have to get sites set up in a specific way on both servers before I can do a synch?

Thanks, Marcel

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