Switching live site between Core and Framework

Mike Young asked on December 10, 2020 18:10

If the admin site and the live site are on separate Azure app services (and separate domains), does the admin (CMS) site require any configuration differences if the live (MVC) site were to change between Core and Framework projects that had the same configurations?

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Sean Wright answered on December 15, 2020 01:13

Although I haven't tried it, you should be able to run 2 Content Delivery applications on separate versions of .NET in Kentico Xperience 13.

Since all the communication in Xperience between Content Delivery and Content Management is performed through the database, you could have 3 Azure App Services with the following setup:

  1. Content Management (Web Forms) - .NET Framework 4.8
  2. Content Delivery (MVC) - .NET Framework 4.8
  3. Content Delivery (MVC) - .NET Core 3.1 or .NET 5.0

The two Content Delivery applications would be running different sites (domains).

These could all run together without needing the Content Management app to make changes.

Likewise, if you were to switch the Content Delivery application from .NET Framework ASP.NET MVC 5 to .NET Core 3.1 ASP.NET Core (or .NET 5 ASP.NET Core), your Content Management application should not need any configuration updates.

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 11, 2020 00:38

Xperience 12 and 13 don't run on .NET Core but your MVC site can in v13. So your Xperience app will run with asp.net 4.8 framework and your MVC app can run with Core.

Hopefully I understood what you were asking.

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