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Beau Cowan asked on August 5, 2014 01:21

I'm running version 6.0.23 of Kentico and am running across a problem on a new site that I've added to the CMS. I can't seem to get the Smart Search Results web part to display the results of a smart search after rebuilding the index, and optimizing it.

I've tried to rebuild the index multiple times with no success. I've tested this in the Search Preview tab, where results are displaying there, yet they do not appear in my webpart.

Here are the fields that I have filled out in the webpart: * Indexes * Path * Document Types * Combine with Default Culture * Search Options * No Results Text * Transformation Name * Page size * Paging mode * Querystring Key * Group Size * Max Pages

For the index, it is set to a Document index type, analyzer type: Standard, Stop words: (Default), Batch size:10. The site is added to the index, and the path is set to /%. the culture is set to the default of the site, which is the only culture available for this site.

The settings are the same for the other sites that I have in the CMS, it's just pointing to a different index. Is there something that I'm missing somewhere, or is there something else in the CMS that I should be considering?

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 7, 2014 17:11

When you rebuild your index, what errors are you receiving in the Event log? This might help to resolve some of what you're experiencing.


  • What is your environment setup?
  • Single server?
  • Webfarm?
  • How many documents on your site?
  • Does the user running the site have access to read/write to the /App_Data/CMSModules/SmartSearch directory?
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Beau Cowan answered on August 27, 2014 03:14

Brenden, thank you for your suggestions, but there are no errors being thrown when I do a reindex, or when I do a search. I have 13 different sites, that are basically different countries of the same company. Each has their own index and this site was set up no differently than the rest, but this one is just being a problem. Anyway, to answer the rest of your questions:

  • I'm unsure what you're looking for with environment setup, so I can't answer that one at this time
  • It's over 3 servers, a staging then a production and a failover
  • No webfarm
  • 160 documents are indexed
  • and since the other 13 sites are using the same core files, I'm not worried about the read/write permissions for the directory, especially since i'm doing my testing as a public user and administrator.

The main problem is that there are no errors, the search is indexing, but no results are being presented one the page.

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Filip Ligač answered on September 8, 2014 15:37 (last edited on September 8, 2014 15:38)

Hello Beau,

Based on your description, it does not seem like there is any problem with settings of the web part in case "Document types" and "Path" properties are set correctly. Just for a confirmation, which Smart Search web part do you use exactly?

Does the search return no documents at all for any key words? You might also want to check the bug list for version 6 just to see if any of the bugs related to Smart Search potentially affects your site as well.

Anyway, if the problem still persists, it could be better to contact us at and provide us with a temporary access so we could check the issue directly on your site.

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Beau Cowan answered on September 9, 2014 20:36

There is an ongoing discussion with various customer service people from and myself. I've been asked multiple questions about settings and trying webparts vs widgets, and have been from different technicians instead of just 1. I will look into the hotfix however, as that might hold some key into this. The site is for a Turkish client, so the special character might be throwing off the webpart in some way.

I will let you know how this pans out.

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Beau Cowan answered on September 11, 2014 01:37

After going through the webpart and doing a little QA on the webpart itself, I found out what was going on.

The site in question was set in a Turkish language. Apparently there is a different way of displaying an 'i' or 'I', and is converted to a Turkish 'ı'. When the webpart goes to combine the search request with selected document types, it was converting all of the document type class names into the Turkish 'ı' if there was an 'I' in the naming of said class.

We were able to move around this dilemma by extracting the string that dealt with the document type classes, reconverting their class names back to English - US, and the web part now works as expected.

Again, this issue was found in version 6.0, so I'm unsure if it exists in v7 or v8. The file where this was happening at was located in ~\CMSModules\SmartSearch\Controls\SearchResults.ascx.cs

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