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Nadeem khan asked on July 14, 2014 09:03


Can we customise the search web part to theextent that we can be able to differentiate easily what type of file has been searched. For Ex: If a PDF file has been searched, then the User should automatically come to know that it is a PDF file.

Second thing,the Way Google gives the Search results can we modify till that extent. If yes please let me know any links or reference so that I can start making that functionality.

Nadeem Kentico User

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Roman Koníček answered on October 21, 2014 10:45

Hi Nadeem,

You can achieve this scenario in the following way. Lets say you will use CMS.File for uploading the documents, first of all you need to add extra column called "extension" for this CMS.File document type and mark this column as searchable. Then whenever you will create a new document of this type, you will also fill this column with file extension, for this purpose you could use Global Events. When you have this column filled with value, you can use it as a property of Smart Search filter web part - .One note, I would not recommend you to use the default CMS.File document type, you should clone this document type first.

As for your second question, I am sorry but I do not understand what exactly do you mean. Could you please describe this requirement in more detail? Thank you in advance.

Roman Konicek

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