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Snezana Vukelic asked on July 22, 2016 22:29


We are trying to present a Board of Directors page with 43 images in a responsive manner, perhaps using a gallery. Right now we are using a table and inserted the images Board page. Has anyone developed a page and would like to share how they have done it?

Thanks in advance, Snezana

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 24, 2016 22:27

Since you're using bootstrap you can replace each of your <td>'s with a column layout or using an unordered list format.

The easiest way to fully accomplish this is to:

  1. Create a Person page type with the fields you need to display data (name, image, title, etc.)
  2. In your content tree under /BoardofDirectors add a folder for each Board Type (County Caucus, Large County Caucus, etc.)
  3. Next, add a Hierarchical Viewer to your page template
  4. Create a new hierarchical transformation

What this will do is get all the board types and place their name in bold, then get all the people (board members) and nest them directly underneath their respective board type.

The instructions above are pretty basic but really spitting the board members out on a page NOT in a <table> format will help greatly.

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Jan Hermann answered on July 25, 2016 09:05

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