Problem with displaying newsletter fields.

Cris Smith asked on June 9, 2014 07:22

Hello, I have problem with Kentico 7 and newsletter. I added my fields (I left only SubscriberEmail) in Newsletter - Subscriber (System tables) and made alternative form (I generated field automatically in table) to display them. I added Custom Subscription Form WebPart to placeholder and set created alternative form in properties. When I saved properties and refreshed page, there was only subscription button (without fields). I tried also other WebPart - Newsletter Subscription (in properties I set my Newsletter issue), but the result was the same. What's wrong with that?

Thanks in advance for help.

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Marek Salát answered on July 2, 2014 10:04

Hello Cris,

you can see only subscribe button and checkboxes for individual newsletters because you are logged in and all required information are known. Therefore, there is no need for showing all fields. Try look at the page as anonymous user and you should see all fields.

Best regards,

Marek Salat

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Sherie Turner answered on July 9, 2015 22:39

I was having this same issue and when I deleted my email from my profile, the text boxes for email and cell phone showed up. Is there a way to turn this functionality off? I don't always know a user's email address when they are logged in and I certainly do not have their cell phone numbers. I need this alternative form to show up all the time along with the email campaigns/checkboxes and the subscribe button.

Thank you, Sherie

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