Page Type Field with any number of inputs?

Ryan Kilgore asked on October 5, 2020 16:42

Is there a specific Form Control or way to implement a Page Type Field to allow that field to have multiple of the same input? I'm using Kentico 12 portal engine.

An example use case would be a "Degrees" field for a "Faculty" person Page Type. The input would be a text box to input one of their earned degrees, with the ability to add or remove additional text boxes for additional degrees.

I imagine any transformation with such a field would then be array of values for use in a for loop, rather than just a single value.

Any thoughts on how I might implement something like this?

My last resort is just to use a Long Text field with Rich Text Editor, but I'd rather not allow the off-chance that an editor formats the degrees differently between faculty pages (like applying Paragraph block styling on one page, but leaving it default un-styled on another).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Juraj Ondrus answered on October 6, 2020 07:49

There is this form control built for Kentico 10 which may be useful for you. At least you can take inspiration in its code when building custom form control for your need. But I believe that the API changes should not be that dramatic and you should be able to adjust the code of that control too.

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Ryan Kilgore answered on October 6, 2020 19:53

Thanks! That looks promising. I'll dive into the code for that and try out a custom form control.

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