Kentico - Email Queue and Restart App Programmatically

Jason Buck asked on January 30, 2018 18:46

Hi all,

Looking for best practice on keeping the email queue from jamming up. Also, I have a reset password email that is sending a link to a user multiple times with in a 10 second span. Usually 2 or 3 emails. Is there a method to prevent Kentico from sending so many links or not to change the link if it is being resent in a 5 minute span.

Also, I find that after I restart the APP, I find all jammed messages start to send.

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Trevor Fayas answered on January 30, 2018 19:01

The jam could be it's sending emails, and it takes so long that the next "send email" task starts running over top of it and causes a lock up.

I would increase in the email settings the batch, and increase in schedule tasks the time between sending emails (just search for"mail" and you should find it).

Otherwise you're email client may be slow.

As for duplicates, there shouldn't be any unless the user is clicking multiple times or something. What version and hot fix are you on?

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 30, 2018 20:08

Version and hotfix would be a good place to start. Anything pre v8.2 there are bugs with so recommend upgrading to resolve those issues. Another option is to create your own global event handler which looks at the email queue and processes the "waiting" emails if you're not able to perform the upgrade.

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