Kentico 13 MVC Smart Search Index Page builder page HTML not indexed

Alexander Toups asked on March 15, 2023 13:01

I'm trying to set up a smart search index in Kentico 13 MVC. Structured content gets indexed properly. But I would like to index the pages that include the structured articles rather then the articles themselves.

In the page type search section I've tried data source HTML and both, without success. Only page title and meta tags getting indexed.

Also, on other page builder pages text added via a text widget doesn't get indexed.

Any hint?

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 15, 2023 14:30

In your page type configuration go to the Search tab and choose BOTH (html and content). This will allow you to get both the rendered HTML and the structured content of those pages. You can also add some data attributes into your markup for things you don't want indexed like the header and footer by adding this attribute to your wrapping element data-ktc-search-exclude. I'd also suggest adding that attribute to your side navigation items and other areas you don't want indexed.

When configuring your page type search attributes, be sure to NOT use the "default" settings that Kentico provides as they will not work for most scenarios. Be sure to read what each of the "local options" do. i.e.: Content, Searchable, Tokenized, Index update trigger.

local search options

Follow this documentation for further guidance.

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Alexander Toups answered on March 15, 2023 14:54

Hi Brendan, that we tried already but it didn't work. Is there anything that may hinder that? In our old K12 environment it was working fine.

Can it be that the crawler gets blocked for instance. Would we see any log entry for this?

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 15, 2023 21:07

Maybe provide more specific information around how your index is configured, what settings you have for each of the page types and how you're searching for content. Right now I'm just guessing based on the limited amount of information you've provided.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on March 16, 2023 06:52

What is the Presentation URL set? Is the admin app able to "crawl" the live site app? When using Fiddler, do you see the page crawler requests made to the live site?

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