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Beau Cowan asked on September 2, 2014 23:52

I downloaded and installed Kentico 8 so that I can play around with the new CMS. I installed the Corporate Site, E-Commerce Site, and Personal Site so that I could see what the various features are. Since I'm using a free license to play around, I can only use 100 products. Since the Corporate and E-commerce sites both have a certain number of products, I have exceeded this limit.

When I go to delete either the product or the site, I'm still met with an error message saying "Failed to delete the document. The license limit for feature Ecommerce was exceeded." I get a similar message when I try to delete the entire site from my testing environment, even when the site I'm trying to delete has been stopped.

I feel that this is something that users should be able to do, especially since (from what I've seen thus far) there is no counter letting the user know exactly how many products are created on the site.

Am I missing a feature that I'm unaware of, or is this something that was possible overlooked?

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Brano Sandala answered on September 5, 2014 14:38

Hi Beau, thanks for evaluating Kentico. Please, feel free to contact our support (, they'll provide you with a temp license to continue your evaluation. We are aware of the scenario you have described, but unfortunately it will take some time while we might get to it.

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Tim Norris answered on February 13, 2017 12:09

I'm also having this issue - is there a fix? I'm using Kentico v10.

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