Is it possible to use coupled columns in a CMSListMenu?

Ji Pattison-Smith asked on December 3, 2018 18:00

I have several custom page types on my site, which all inherit fields from a custom "base" type, including a field defining which navigation areas a particular page can appear in.

I'm trying to use the CMSListMenu control, which I believe is the recommended approach for a nav, but it looks like it's using View_CMS_Tree_Joined which obviously doesn't include my custom field so I just get an error.

What's the recommended approach to build a menu where visibility is based on a custom page type field?

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on December 3, 2018 18:51

Please read Best Practices for Implementing Site Navigation in Kentico. You will be better off with a repeater. CMSlistMenu is quite limited.

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Rui Wang answered on December 3, 2018 21:11

Use Repeater for simple menu or hierarchical viewer for more complex menu. When you specify the class name property in those controls, the Tree_Joined view with be joined with the page type class table as well so you can get the custom field.

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Ji Pattison-Smith answered on December 4, 2018 10:33

Thanks both - Repeater does the trick.

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