How to Implement NewReCaptcha Manually in ascx File Instead of Form, ReCaptcha Just Spins

kentico guy asked on May 5, 2020 22:32

I'm wondering how to implement the

<cms:RecaptchaControl ID="NewReCaptcha" runat="server" PrivateKey="[my key here]" PublicKey="[my key here]"/>

inside an ascx file? I've got that in one and when I click on the checkbox it just sits there spinning, seemingly never gets a callback. I've got another one that's working inside of a kentico form and when I right click -> properties ({etc}), the cb= uri parameter is different between the two (that's the only difference). Is there any way to change cb= ? or is this not the problem?

How can I implement that control in an ascx file? I checked our existing forms and they're all html not ascx. The instructions didn't say much on this topic.

Thank you!

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 6, 2020 15:52

You need to set at least the following fields.


I'd suggest getting the PublicKey and PrivateKey values from the system settings vs. hard coding them.

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