Hotfix best practice with MVC on Azure app

Tony T asked on December 9, 2020 00:09

hello what's the best approach for applying version 12 MVC hotfixes on azure web app? Trying to minimize downtime.

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 9, 2020 00:29

The best practice is to only apply hotfixes if they fix a bug you have or are experiencing.

Downtime for hotfixesn is minimal. Apply them in dev first to see how long things will take. Every instance is different so providing you a "valid" answer is pretty difficult.

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Sean Wright answered on December 15, 2020 01:59


Hotfixes are a combination of SQL scripts and code updates.

You can apply the SQL scripts to the PROD database at the same time that the code changes are being deployed, which would mean 0 downtime.

(Of course you should test the code and SQL updates on a copy of the database beforehand)

Full version upgrades are different and require additional steps, but hotfixes can be deployed pretty quickly.

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