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Bijay Tamang asked on March 10, 2017 19:45


Because of multiple phases, We exported the site and imported to create a different site for another region. From there onward, I am seeing duplicate filter options. It is repeating.

Previously the filter options were like forms, news ... after creating new site, it is coming as forms, news, forms, news. I even cloned the Root Page as ad-hoc since changes on one master page was impacted other. Search also is placed under Root page but how the search from one site is combined with the other one.



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Trevor Fayas answered on March 10, 2017 20:35

Make sure in your repeater that the "Site" option is set to "Current Site", if not it could be pulling from both sites.

Same with the Search. Make sure you properly set the Sites on various things like the Searches, Repeaters, etc.

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