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Jacob Mallach asked on August 16, 2023 23:11


Where in the Kentico CMS can I find a log of recipient emails that have unsubscribed from a specific email feed?

I see an option to view "Email addresses opted out from all marketing emails". However, not specific marketing emails. I'd like to see the unsubscribed recipient email list from Email Feed A and Not ONLY those who have unsubscribed from all i.e., A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Does that make sense?

We have an email template that uses the following macro within an anchor link: <a href="{% EmailFeed.UnsubscribeFromEmailFeedUrl #%}">Unsubscribe</a>

We are using the Portal Engine on Kentico 13.

Thanks for the help.

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Jacob Mallach answered on August 21, 2023 22:42


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Juraj Ondrus answered on August 22, 2023 09:33

Both Stack Overflow and the Devnet's Q&As are intended for community. Although we monitor them from time to time, we cannot guarantee a timely response. Moreover, Portal engine is no longer available in Kentico 13. Could you please check the version you are using again?
Anyway, I am afraid but there is no feature available out of the box for this requirement.

The only idea I have on top of my head is to get the data from the DB. This means creating a custom report (reports can be saved and/or exported).

In the SQL query you will be querying the Newsletter_Unsubscription table. The global unsubscribed records are those which have the UnsubscriptionNewsletterID and UnsubscriptionFromIssueID values set as NULL. If you want to break it down to newletters or issues - then filter by these two columns in the SQL query.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 22, 2023 17:51

There is a global unsubscribe list you can view very easy. However, the people who unsubscribe from a single email list are not easily visible. You can view all the subscribers for a given email list, however, the subscribers will have Opt-In or Opt-Out in that list, nothing to filter them at all.

As Juraj suggested, you'd have to dig into the database to create your own custom query for a custom report you could generate. The Newsleter_Unsubscription table will hold all the "global", "email specfiic", and "issue specific" unsubscribe data. If the UnsubscriptionNewsletterID is populated, then the user is unsubscribed from that given Newsletter_Newsletter. If the UnsubscriptionFromIssueID is populated, they are unsubscribed form that given Newsletter_NewsletterIssue. If neither of those fields are polulated, they are on the global unsubscribe list and will not receive ANY emails from any emails or issues you create.

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Jacob Mallach answered on August 22, 2023 18:02

@brendan @jurag - Realy appreciate the help!

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