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Vinod Vutla asked on May 5, 2017 10:01

Hi Team,

  1. I would like to create a new column in com_sku table of e-commerce module. Then I would like to include it in the products unigrid.
  2. I would love to add few more filters to the existing product filter to extend the existing filter functionality.
  3. Thinking to place a textbox and a button in right side of the filter above the grid, in order to update the price of all the products based on the margin provided in the text box.

I was wondering if I can modify the existing functionality of e-commerce module(I have done this in my pc as a poc) or do I need to create entire products module? Please suggest. If I need to create entire products module then please help me on how it do it from scratch. Thanks

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Vinod Vutla answered on April 30, 2018 06:13

Thanks for your help

Both of your ideas worked out to customize the products module. What I did,

  1. I have cloned required files of products modules including filters, Unigrid action file
  2. Have cloned the Products module as a new standalone module(named as SiteName Products).
  3. Then I have updating my code as per my requirement.
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Trevor Fayas answered on May 5, 2017 15:15

Howdy Vinod,

1: the SKU Table is customizable, meaning you can go to Modules > E-Commerce > Classes > SKU > Fields and add custom fields, that should include it in unigrids (if it doesn't check the unigrid settings to make sure they are not selecting only specific columns)

2: You can extend most filters in Kentico, either programatically or just by editing the unigrid's xml configuration file. If you are referring to the webpart "Product Filter" there is a property "Filter Name" that you can point to a Filter Webpart (which you can build a custom one) to accomplish what you want to do. All filter webparts do is create a WHERE conditions in essense.

3: This functionality would be seperate from the filter, and you want to look into creating extensions for the UniGrid perhaps, but in most likely you'll be creating a custom web part (the textbox and button) and adding logic to find the unigrid control on the page and modify it, OR clone and modify the actual unigrid control that is displaying the data to have the textbox, button, and logic, which may be easier.

Hopefully that helps some!

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 5, 2017 15:44

I'd suggest starting here first.

Then regarding adding fields, this can be done in the e-commerce module class(s) as you see fit. Just make sure you do things through the Kentico UI. Don't make direct database changes!

Regarding the filter changes, you'd have to make those on your own with either customized cloned files or modify the base files (not recommended).

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