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Brian Brown asked on March 28, 2022 20:37

Is this table on the Contact Management screen customizable? I'd like to add Company.

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vasu yerramsetti answered on March 29, 2022 04:19 (last edited on March 29, 2022 04:20)

Not straight forward but we can add company name from the following file -


 <cms:UniGrid runat="server" ID="gridElem" ObjectType="" OrderBy="ContactLastName"
            IsLiveSite="false" HideFilterButton="true" RememberDefaultState="true" RememberStateByParam="" FilterLimit="0">
            <GridActions Parameters="ContactID">
                <ug:Action Name="edit" Caption="$$" FontIconClass="icon-eye" FontIconStyle="Allow" />
                <ug:Action ExternalSourceName="delete" Name="delete" Caption="$General.Delete$" FontIconClass="icon-bin" FontIconStyle="Critical"
                    ModuleName="CMS.ContactManagement" Permissions="Modify" />
                <ug:Column Source="ContactFirstName" Caption="$$" Wrap="false" />
                <ug:Column Source="ContactLastName" Caption="$$" Wrap="false" />
                <ug:Column Source="ContactEmail" Caption="$general.emailaddress$" Wrap="false" />
                  <ug:Column Source="ContactCompanyName" Caption="Contact Company Name" Wrap="false" />
                <ug:Column Name="ContactStatusID" Source="ContactStatusID" ExternalSourceName="#transform: om.contactstatus.contactstatusdisplayname" AllowSorting="false" Caption="$om.contactstatus$" Wrap="false" />
                <ug:Column Name="ContactCountryID" Source="ContactCountryID" ExternalSourceName="#transform:" AllowSorting="false" Caption="$$" Wrap="false" />
                <ug:Column Source="ContactCreated" Caption="$general.created$" Wrap="false" />
                <ug:Column Source="ContactGUID" Visible="false" />
                <ug:Column CssClass="filling-column" />
            <GridOptions DisplayFilter="true" ShowSelection="true" FilterPath="~/CMSModules/ContactManagement/Controls/UI/Contact/Filter.ascx" />

CompanyName is a default field on Contact class.

Note: We need to manually check this code after any upgradation done in future because this change is done by manually and changed default behavior of contact list functionality.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on March 29, 2022 05:45

I would recommend following the approach described in this KB article.

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