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RoSPA Webteam asked on April 21, 2015 12:45

Whenever I go to CMSDesk > Tools > Blogs, I receive a 404 error instead of the Blogs module.

I click on this Blogs button:

CMSDesk Header

If I enter developer tools in Chrome and look at the error, it seems to be referencing a page called "Blogs_" instead of "Blogs_Default.aspx" or something else.

As you can see here: Blog Error

If I right click on the frame that should be displaying the Blog module and "view frame source", in the URL provided by the browser you can see that the frame is referencing "view-source:http://localhost:27251/CMSModules/Blogs/Tools/Blogs_".

I assume this should be "Blogs_Default" or something.

I can't seem to find where this is written in code, to see if there is accidental white space, or something breaking after the underscore. Does anyone know of the Kentico CMSDesk header generates it's URL for the buttons?

All other modules are working correctly (as far as I know). We are on version 7.0.103.

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 21, 2015 13:25

When the site was installed, were there modules that were unchecked or not installed? If so, then those files were not installed with the rest of the project. If you look in the root of your website under \CMSModules\Blogs\Tools there should be aspx pages there, if not, then you will receive errors until you configure the UI to not display those buttons. This can be done in CMSSiteManager>Development>Modules. This documentation should get you in the right direction to make the UI modifications to hide the Blog module if you choose to do so.

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RoSPA Webteam answered on April 21, 2015 14:03

This was originally set up a few years ago, so I can't remember if these options were checked. However these files do exist in our folders. So that leads me to believe everything is installed.

Here's our files in that folder: Blog Files

However, as I suggested in my first post, it looks like the frame is trying to load a page called "Blogs_", which does not exist.

Are we missing that file, or is it linking incorrectly?

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 21, 2015 14:20

Then there is a good chance the module was modified or the code which loads that module was modified. Check the documentation I referenced earlier and you can find the Blog module and see what the UI is setup with for links.

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RoSPA Webteam answered on April 21, 2015 17:02

It looks like it was one of our own URL rewrite rules modifying the URL as the page was loaded. Very frustrating as it shouldn't be touching anything in the Kentico back end!

Thank you for your help though, as that admin screen is exactly what I was looking for.

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