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Fahlgren Mortine asked on December 5, 2016 22:55

Good afternoon. I have a Kentico blog set up on a new site build using the ASPX + Portal engine. I used a combination of ASPX template hard-coded web parts and draggable Portal web parts to create the blog, and it displays recent, categorized, filtered, and single-page blog articles with zero issues. But I haven't yet wrapped my mind around how comments work. The CommentView web part seems to do what I want, but it only works for Kentico administrators; if I'm not logged in to the site, the comment form does not appear, nor is there any apparent method for a site visitor to log in or create an account. "Allow comments from anonymous readers" is checked in the blog setup. Shouldn't this make the comment form available? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Kentico 9.0 ASPX + Portal

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 6, 2016 02:16

Before using the OOTB commenting engine, I'd check out Disqus. Check this out.

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Fahlgren Mortine answered on December 6, 2016 22:51

Thanks much. It turns out everything was working correctly, though I did stumble across the following which may have been an initial issue.

"When working with templates based on the Kentico Portal engine, anonymous comments will not work after checking the "Allow anonymous comments" field. To get it work, you also have to uncheck the "Check permissions" field in the configuration of the "Comment View" webpart."

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