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Prateek Varma asked on July 30, 2014 00:41

Hello, I work for an organization that uses Kentico 5.5 R2, and i'd like ask you a doubt that i have. I'm trying to change the setup of the master page. This is the current setup ...

Now, when u try to insert a new CMSWebPartZone, eg. <cc1:CMSWebPartZone ID="FooterZone" runat="server" />... it does work, and when i try to add the "Static HTML" web part, it overlaps with the other web parts/Zones in the page. I tried to find how it works, but i just couldn't.

1.) Could you tell me how can i setup the page layout? 2.) Where can i edit the css of the page? 3.) If i'd like to not partition my page into left/right zones, but want to use the entire horizontal section, how can i do it? I mean i'd like to partition left/right on the top, keep the entire zone in the middle, and partition it again at the bottom.

I would appreciate your help! Many thanks!

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 30, 2014 13:48

Page layouts can be found in Site Manager>Development>Page layouts. The master page may not have a shared layout so you would have to look at the template then in Site Manager>Development Page templates and modify the layout there.

Depending on the developer, the CSS could be stored in multiple different places. Kentico best practice is to use the CSS Module which can be found in Site Manager>Development>CSS Stylesheets. You might also find it in the file system under /App_Themes/

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