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C DB asked on October 13, 2014 03:07

Hi, I have created an advanced workflow (using kentico 8.1). It contains two custom action steps. This workflow is then applied to my document type. As the document flows through the workflow, everytime the document is edited at any stage in the workflow it should be moved back to step 1 in the workflow. Because I have two custom action steps in my workflow this does not happen, they stay in the same step when edited.

To solve this I am creating a global event handler to handle the Document Update event, which will move it back to the first step in the workflow on edit. I am facing two problems here: 1. How do I detect that just the content has been updated for the document? 2. When I try to move the node back to the first step like this: workflowmanager.MoveToFirstStep(), it moves it to the first step but continues to process the workflow as normal, so the node ends up in the first step , then it tries to move it forward to the next step! It ends up in an inconsistent state. Is there a way I can stop the workflow processing after I move it back to the first step. This needs to be done in the Document update handler.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Martin Danko answered on December 3, 2014 15:41 (last edited on December 3, 2014 15:42)


Let me apologize but I'm a little bit confused by your description.

Would it be possible for you to send us maybe some demonstrational screenshot of your workflow or at least describe the exact steps that you have in your workflow and their names? What exactly do you want to achieve, what is your goal? Please use the same names of workflow steps in more detailed description which will help us to understand your scenario. Thanks!

Best regards, Martin

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