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Cris Smith asked on June 6, 2014 06:30

Hello, I have question about Message board (Kentico 7). By default, there are few fields: name, url, email, message. I have to add more fields to this form. Is there possibility to add them by Administration Panel and display them by transformation? I searched almost all options relative with Message Board and I didn't see where I can do it (I thought in WebPart properties it could be possible, but when I added fields in WebPart properties it added fields to configuration window of WebPart, I couldn't display them in form).

I would be grateful for help.

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 6, 2014 09:15

In v7 you'd have to modify existing aspx and ascx controls in the CMSModules/MessageBoards as well as manually add the fields to the database tables (not recommended as it will not be supported and most likely be wiped out with an upgrade or cause your upgrade to fail). With v8 you could copy the existing module and make modifications within the UI to get you're desired need filled.

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Cris Smith answered on June 9, 2014 07:34

Thanks for your answer!

It doesn't seems good (I mean manually add fields to database). Maybe there is other solution to create a form which it will be added to page? I need to make a not really big form (something like review with a few checkboxes, radiobuttons, text fields, etc). It is very importatnt to display a few fields (like transformation) and these should be different per page (I mean, when I add "review" on Page1, it has to display only on Page1, and so on).

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Richard Sustek answered on June 23, 2014 02:38

Hello Cris,

Its also possible to go to CMS_Class table and set the ClassShowAsSystemTable to true and then edit/add these fields using our UI in Site manager -> Development -> System tables.

However you would need to customize the message board to reflect your changes and to add the functionality you are seeking as Brehned has suggested.

Kind regards,

Richard Sustek

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