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It’s a year and half ago when we firstly introduced a Free Edition of Kentico CMS and today there are thousands of Web sites using it. Most of them are commercial Web sites which are covering different industries. The others include NGO, Personal, Social Groups or Hobby sites. By offering the Free edition we are providing our Enterprise Web Content Management System to the lower budget Web projects. Of course the functionality is limited, but still good enough to support basic corporate Web site. Since the core of the product is the same, developers can still take the advantage of rapid development and unmatched extensibility of the product and content editors might appreciate an intuitive and easy to use interface.


Free as a Puppy or Free as Beer?
So, what’s the price of the Web site on the Free Edition? Web site running on this edition is required to have the Powered by Kentico CMS logo or the visible link "Powered by Kentico CMS for ASP.NET" pointing to in the footer of all pages managed by Kentico CMS. While logo suites to some of the Web sites, on others the link is more appropriate – the decision is up to you in this case.

The Best Free Edition Site Contest

The Site of the Year 2009 contest is over, now it is time to recognize the best Web sites that are runing on the Free Edition! If you are the developer or owner of the Web site that runs on the Free Edition, please leave a comment under this blog post, giving us the Name and URL of the Web site (and anything else we should know about the project). You can submit any number your Web site(s) from now till March 31th.

Then, in the first week of April we are going to choose the top 3 Web sites from all of the submissions.  If your Web site wins the contest, you will get one Web Site Ultimate License (worth $4499) including the never expiring maitenace for the domain name of the submitted Web site.

Aren’t you using Free Edition yet? Download it from here and take the first steps with it:


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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


Michael Randerson / The Famous Group commented on

And, I'd like to submit our own new site too: - after selling the benefits of Kentico CMS to our clients for the last couple of years we thought it was time (and best practice) to use ourselves what we sell to others. We can also use it as a showcase of functionality which we never could do before without having a demo server/site.

Michael Randerson / The Famous Group commented on

Just in time to enter it here, we launched today - an urban design and landscape architecture company.

Mark Prins commented on

A small site we've put together using the free license as part of our sponsorship of the upcoming Pacific Asia Bridge Federation 2010 Championships.

Gedling and Sherwood Cricket Club commented on

Nottinghamshire based cricket team get a fresh website.

Currently uses most of the free licence features. With lots of custom doc types throughout the site to make it easy to update.

Take a look -

Nottingham Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre commented on

Our site,, uses the free version of Kentico CMS.

Built by James Bloor ( we are able to manage our site better than ever before using Kentico.

Distinction Photography commented on

We've just redone our site using Kentico free edition:

Uses custom doc types and some nice JQuery to get the look.

Mike commented on

URL for the above post

Mike commented on

This site is for a client I have had for years. (AET Global) They wanted to edit their own site so we decided to go with kentico. The original plan was to be a fully paid site but due to the major downturn in the USA economy and real estate affected their business to the point that they had to back off their advertising budget. I generally use the free version to start the design and then convert to the 30 day version to complete the project. Thank you kentico for allowing us to offer low budget clients a free version with our hopes of converting to the paid version when they get enough funds to upgrade.
Mike Vance

Sid commented on - Cybit in Sweden - Cybit in Germany - Herts & Essex Fertility Centre in the UK.

Sid commented on

Cybit Swedish version.

Kurt Farrar commented on
Reduced development time dramatically. Setup by businesses throughout north wales to promote a new venture, a caravan exhibition. Hugely successful.

Kurt Farrar commented on
Property rental website - Start-up. Selling advertising space on their website. Aimed to be a low-cost setup to support their already established business selling overseas property.

Michael Randerson / The Famous Group commented on

We've recently launched using the free Kentico CMS License. Using some of the CMS features, customers at the cafe are asked to go to the website to rate the different coffee roasts. This then helps Cup Coffee decide which coffees should be re-run in the future.

Les Warren commented on

A website for a service group, put the wrong URL in the last post. Site by LiveAir Networks -

Les Warren commented on

A website for a service group. Website by LiveAir Networks, a Kentico Partner.

eyesea69-gmail commented on

Website or the Smithville Music Festival a fundraiser for non-profit.
Website by S7 Media Design

Elijah Taylor commented on
(My company site)
(Interior painting and decorative art)
(Video production)
(Dyslexia testing and resources)
(local piano/violin lessons studio)

Robert Steiner Jr commented on - I've been working with Kentico at my job for about 2 years now, and I finally decided it was time to make my new personal site with it. I still have lots of work to do, but I'm really happy with it so far. It's mostly for my art.

Erik Bertrand, for Amplify Studios and commented on

SubOptic, a long-time customer of ours, is an organization that exists to promote, foster debate, exchange ideas and act as an educational resource for the entire submarine telecommunications community.

Martin Štěpán commented on

RCAUTAHK.CZ is the radio controled cars (RC cars) club website. We used great CMS Kentico to publish information about club activities and race contests. CMS offers us many options to create attractive website for RC fans.

Jay Rice commented on

My company sells high-end industrial cameras to companies using these cameras for quality control or as the 'eyes' of robots.
Kentico CMS has been an easy to use and cost effective way to portray a high quality image and manage the website easily.