What is Marketing Automation and How Can it Benefit My Business?

6 quick ways to learn about marketing automation: video, whitepaper, quick start guide, video guide, feature page and article.
Is marketing automation just another marketing jargon with no real value?  

In fact, marketing automation (abbreviated as "MA") can be the killer of many pains – low customer engagement, marketing in-efficiency, a high number of lost opportunities or a low number of repeated businesses. The key is to understand how you can get the most from using marketing automation in respect to your business environment.

The power of marketing automation is in its ability to connect together all of the key online marketing features that address your daily sales & marketing pains. It puts in place features such as personalization, email marketing or leads scoring, and links them together – all to increase your ROI and revenues.  

Let’s choose your preferred way of getting to know how MA can help you boost your business:

Marketing Automation Video Video:
The 7 minute video helps you quickly jump onto the marketing automation bandwagon. The video includes 5 most common uses of marketing automation compiled into one story. While the first part teaches about MA in general, the second part takes you to a real world example - demonstrating how to set MA up in 5 minutes using Kentico EMS. 
Marketing automation whitepape White paper:
Marketing Automation for Success: A practical guide to engaging customers, creating sales-ready leads and boosting revenue.

Download the 11-page white paper covering everything from introduction to MA, the list of the 4 common pitfalls, to the 10 business case scenarios. Altogether, the white paper gives you all you need for successful MA.

marketing automation feature page Feature page:
The Feature page on Marketing Automation explains the key benefits of MA and how this feature aligns with 7 other crucial online marketing features of Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution.
Marketing Automation Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide:
The easiest & quickest way to start leveraging the MA right now is to read the Marketing Automation Quick Start Guide.
marketing automation in Kentico EMS video tutoria Video Guide: Marketing Automation in Kentico EMS
What better way to learn about marketing automation in Kentico EMS than by signing up for our 4 tutorial videos delivered by MA process?
Article: 10 Real Life Examples of Marketing Automation
This article directly answers questions such as: How to make more leads sales ready? How to increase customer satisfaction? How to increase brand awareness? By providing the most common business cases of marketing automation usage.

Want to read about real life examples of MA or share yours? Join the discussion in Kentico Online Marketing Group at Linkedin.
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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.