Using the MacroResolver API with Email Templates


Lately I've had several requests to create global event handlers to send emails when specific items happen.  In v7 I had difficulties getting macros to resolve in email templates and it didn't get any better in version 8.  This week, I finally sat down, did some research, wrote a test program and came up with the solution and thought I'd share with all of you.

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Brenden Kehren

Brenden is a Senior Architect and Owner at Kehren Development with over 20 years of development experience with 15 of those years working strictly with the Kentico product lines. Brenden focuses his efforts on best practices, education and training and is extremely active in the Kentico Developer Community. He is also an avid hunter and when Brenden isn’t stalking the DevNet or watching hockey, he spends time camping and boating with his wife and 4 kids.