New and Free in the Marketplace: Live Chat & Parameterised SQL Data Source

Two new web parts by Curious IT
Recently, Curious IT, a Kentico Certified Partner from Australia, provided two new web parts to our Marketplace. The first one, Live Chat, allows you to easily integrate LiveChat into your Kentico website. The second one, Parameterised SQL Data Source, extends the standard SQL Data Source web part with an option to specify parameters directly in the web part properties.

Live Chat

LiveChat is live chat software that helps you talk to your website visitors and convert them into customers. With just the click of the mouse, your web site visitors can contact your support team for live assistance. With the Live chat web part by Curious IT you can easily integrate this solution into your Kentico website. All you need to do is create a LiveChat account and set your LiveChat license key in the web part properties.

To download the web part, please visit our Marketplace. For more information about LiveChat, please visit their website, see the tour or register for a 30-day free trial.

Parameterised SQL Data Source

The Parametrised SQL data source web part is an extension of the standard SQL data source web part which retrieves data from an SQL database using a query or stored procedure. The data source can then be connected to listing web parts (such as a Basic repeater) in order to be displayed. With this extension you can easily specify parameters for the query or stored procedure in a special field directly in the web part properties. Parameters are added in the form Name;Value, each parameter on a new line.

To download the web part, please visit Kentico Marketplace.
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