New and Free: EMS Link Tracker, Search Engine Spider Check, RSS Reader 2.0 and Bold Header

Check out these new additions to the Kentico Marketplace!
Two new web parts, one updated web part and one new module were submitted to the Kentico Marketplace this month. All of them are offered for free so let's have a look at them.

EMS Link Tracker

Pull Digital, an internet marketing agency and Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom, have recently provided to the Kentico Marketplace a web part that helps enhance the EMS. In simple terms the EMS Link Tracker web part allows users to log conversions into the EMS for external links. The web part can easily be packaged up as a widget for Marketers who don’t want to worry about the complexity of tracking conversions. To download this web part, please visit

Search Engine Spider Check

This module by BlueModus, a Kentico Gold Partner from Colorado, USA, can be used to detect whether a visitor's user agent string indicates that it is a search engine spider. For example, if your site requires visitors to enter their age or country of residence before they enter, this can cause issues with search engine indexing. This module can be used to automatically allow search engine spiders to proceed into the site. The module is available in Kentico Marketplace.

RSS Reader 2.0

A year ago, r42 communication, a Kentico Gold Partner form Canada, submitted their RSS reader to Kentico Marketplace. Recently they provided us with the updated version, RSS Reader 2.0, which has all the functionality of the previous version, with the addition of a new one. This new version keeps a local copy of the feed. RSS feeds from other sites can be very heavy and need to be downloaded first. The first time this web part is executed, it will download the external XML to the server hard drive. A time can be specified to tell the web part when to get a new copy of the external RSS feed. For more information about the previous version, please read this blog post. To download the RSS Reader 2.0, please go here.

Bold Header

Bold Header by NetConstruct, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom, is a web part and widget that adds text inside a heading of your choosing (h1, h2, h3, etc.) with a portion of it wrapped in span tags. If no custom text is specified, it uses the document name instead. There is a property to choose how many words in the title should not be wrapped in span tags. Doing this allows you to style the span tags differently using CSS. For example, you can have the main title in bold and have the text inside the span tags not bold. This web part is also available in Kentico Marketplace.

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