Let the Kentico Developers optimize your application for FREE


There is no catch, we are looking for the one and only web site which will help us to perform the load tests and the perfect client who is willing to participate on a case study for performance optimization.

Hi there,

I would like to offer you this, because it is very important for us that we perform our load tests on a real-world application, to see what more we can do for the web sites to run even faster. There are no costs involved, and no commitments.

At current point, we have optimized the solution to run smoothly with our sample web sites and we want to know how some more complex, real-world application runs.

We are looking for the client that would be willing to provide us with complete project of his web site, including the live environment data (preferably the copy of the web site project and the database backup). The web site must be either extremely large (contain a large number of documents) or heavily loaded, and it must use the latest version of Kentico CMS (4.0) and run under a valid license (not FREE edition).

What we will do in exchange for that is that our developers will go through your web site, optimize it and perform the load tests to compare the performance before and after. We will basically use these recommendations to find the weakest points and fix them. We will go through every place which runs slow and through Kentico CMS or suggest you which of your own components slow down the web site. So you will get your web site optimized for FREE, isn't that great?

The important thing is that the output of this optimization won't be only the optimized site, but also a publicly accessible case study (including screenshots) which will describe the process of optimization, to show all the others how easy it is to optimize your web site for performance. That's where we also need you. We need you to write your own case study on our solution, how you used it for the project, what was your project about, etc. (we do not need a lot of text, just some small case study is enough). So actually half of it will be yours and half will be ours.

So, if you have some heavy web site done in latest version, you are willing to give it to us for performance optimization and let us write the case study on it, and also contribute by your own case study, you can get the optimization from us for FREE.

We are only selecting ONE web site, if you want to participate, please suggest your web site in the comments below. Please write:
  1. Your name and at least e-mail contact
  2. The URL to the web site
  3. Number of documents served by Kentico CMS
  4. Standard load (requests per second, visitors per day)
  5. Expected peak load (requests per second)
  6. If the site runs on web farm, number of the servers in the web farm
  7. Examples of the pages where you are not satisfied with their performance and think they need optimization
  8. If you already did some steps for optimizations by yourselves, briefly describe them
We will choose one of them when we thing it is enough for our tests, so there is no deadline for this, post this as soon as you can. I am looking forward to your proposals and web sites.
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Martin Hejtmanek

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