Knowledge Base Articles you may Find Useful no. 15

It has been more than a month since I published my last post on KB articles that you may find interesting, so it’s time for a new set of articles which may help you deliver the functionality you need.
This time, I will start with few blog posts from our developers and MVPs:
Coming up in version 8 - How to Keep Your Content Consistent and Well-structured, by Jaroslav Kordula connector got updated, finally!, by Vita Janecek
Using CMSTransaction scope, by Matt Swain
Use ClientIDMode Appropriately, by Brian McKeiver

And here are some great knowledge base tips and tricks:
Grouping items in a repeater using a macro expression - This article shows how to group a certain count of items in a repeater using a macro expression in a TEXT/XML transformation.
Allow users to delete their own blog comments - By default only a global administrator, blog author, and users with Manage comments permission are able to delete comments on Blog. This article shows you how to change this.
Custom Handler Library compatibility - This article addresses differences between the old method of defining custom event handlers using Custom Event Handler Libraries, and the new method of using the App_Code class and the extent of the backward compatibility.
Web part selection restriction according to roles - This article gives you instructions on how to add functionality to restrict web parts to be listed for your editors.
Using wildcards in metadata for better SEO - This article shows how to use wildcards URLs in the metadata of the pages so that every page has a unique identifier and therefore looks better and has improved SEO.
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