Kentico CMS 5.5R2 is Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Ready

As a part of our ongoing effort to support the latest features of Windows Azure Platform, we have fully tested Kentico CMS 5.5R2 against Windows Azure SDK 1.4. So, from now, you can use Kentico CMS 5.5R2 with both Windows Azure SDK 1.3 and 1.4.
We also prepared a new deployment package for Windows Azure Platform, which contains all necessary files and hotfixes required to support Windows Azure Drive and other features.

The deployment package is available for download from this link: . You can find more information about this deployment package in Kentico CMS Windows Azure Deployment Guide. It is a part of the deployment package, or you can download it from:

In case you are looking for more details about migration of Kentico CMS to Windows Azure Platform, please follow the blog of our Windows Azure specialist – Dominik Pinter.

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