Kentico 10 vs Kentico 9: Changes in Online Marketing (Part 1/4)


Welcome to the new series of articles about differences between Kentico 10 and Kentico 9 in terms of the Online Marketing Solution!

Over the past few days, you’ve learned a lot about what is new in Kentico 10 so now you’re familiar with all the great improvements we made to Kentico Online Marketing functionality.

The following series of articles will show you a side by side comparison of Kentico 10 and Kentico 9, helping you understand how different both Kentico versions are in areas like Contact Management, Email Marketing, and Campaigns.

If your website still runs on version 9, these videos should help you decide whether to upgrade to version 10.

Now without further ado, let’s jump into today’s video: an introduction to the whole series we have prepared for you.

In the next article, we will have a look at what it is like working with the Contact Management in Kentico 10 and Kentico 9. 

If you want to continue reading about Kentico 10, I would recommend the following articles:

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Katerina Foretova

Hi, I am a Digital Marketing Consultant here at Kentico and I am helping the Kentico community to become more experienced with the product by providing training and consulting services on Kentico Online Marketing Solution.