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The top voted idea ever present on, supported by more than 400 votes, just made it officially to Kentico 10.

Over the years, requirements for image content grew with every new device, resolution standard, retina display, front-end best practice for various viewports, support for art direction, accessibility compliance, ability to print web materials, and more. We had numerous conversations with you about the possible ways to address all these requirements for imagery on the web and we heard of various approaches­­–­­­­­­from simply having one image to rule them all and hope that it will work just fine everywhere it appears, to the other extreme, where graphics and content editors had to cooperate on the creation of multiple variants of the same image for an article and uploading them all one by one in the right order with the right naming and the right properties for the web.

As you told us, none of these approaches provided the desired flexibility, together with adequate time investment from the content editor. When there was the possibility to upload multiple variants, there was usually no time for creating them. In addition, when there was one variant only, the result was a compromise on some of the target devices and layouts.

That is why, with Kentico 10, you can use the Responsive Images Management, where, from a single uploaded image attachment, a set of variants is automatically created with no need for the content editor to perform any further actions.

Responsive Images Management Variants

These variants are immediately ready to use in any site design and specific layouts, as well as on any devices ranging from mobile phones with limited network throughput, up to desktop computers with 4k screens and broadband connection.

Responsive Images Management on Desktop

Responsive Images Management on Tablet

We understand that each project is unique and that is why we are not forcing you to use some predefined variant definitions, but rather allowing you to create your own, with your own set of filters, even using high-performance third-party libraries for image processing. If you would like to learn more about the possibilities on how to handle variants for various devices as well as art direction, join us in the upcoming webinar.

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