Do You Know Your Contacts?


The ultimate goal of every marketer is to understand the behavior of one’s customers–what pages they visit and what conversions they make. You can literally say that the contact management represents the heart of digital marketing. In order to improve the experience of contact management, Kentico 10 is coming with a new architecture and a new contact profile.

The first thing you notice in the new Kentico is that the site-specific contacts are gone. The new version is coming with architecture based on global contacts only. Not only will you experience a performance boost, but also data management of your contacts has never been easier. Moreover, you can now leverage functionality such as lead scoring or personalization across all your sites running on one Kentico instance.

Another benefit coming with the new Contact Management architecture is the brand new Contact Profile. In Kentico 10, we’ve focused on improving the user experience for marketers who regularly work with contacts. They will now be able to see all the most important information like contact details, newsletter subscriptions, contact group memberships, or notes in one place.

Last but not least, we focused on enhancing the experience of working with Email Marketing subscribers. New in Kentico 10, the contact will be the primary and the only entity that can be subscribed to email campaigns. But wait, there’s more! This change allowed us to introduce a new Email Marketing communication model–you will be able to define and manage the audience of your newsletters and other campaign emails better than ever before.

Want to know more about the new Contact Management architecture? Do you want to see new contact profiles in action? Join our webinar to discover the opportunities coming your way with the redesigned Contact Management.


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Martin Michalik

I'm Online Marketing Product Owner and I'm writing mainly about Kentico features such as Contact management, Marketing automation, E-mail marketing, A/B testing, etc.