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Last year, we introduced a redesigned Integrated Campaign Management and promised you that's just the beginning of the usability improvements. We kept our promise and Kentico 10 is coming with extended tracking and reporting capabilities in the Campaign Management.

Since the release of version 9, we had numerous conversations with you about marketing campaigns. We were particularly interested in conversions and visitor journey tracking to better understand what data is the most important for you and what problems you face. Those conversations helped us design a solution that is addressing your needs the best and in Kentico 10 we're introducing a new tracking system based on the contact activities together with new conversion types. Tracking form submissions, user registrations, newsletter subscriptions, or purchases have never been easier!

We understand that some campaigns are complex, the campaign journey of potential customers might not be straightforward, and some of them might leave your site. In order to prevent such behavior, Kentico 10 will allow you to define and track steps in the visitor journey toward the desired conversion, and provide you with the actionable information that will help you optimize the visitor experience.

Every now and then, some changes are necessary even when the campaign is running–you need to add or remove a certain conversion, track another step in the customer journey, or send a follow-up email. Unfortunately, such changes might impact campaign tracking and you can lose campaign-critical data. With Kentico 10, such problems are history! The new tracking architecture coming with version 10 will allow you to edit running campaigns without fear of breaking conversion tracking or losing data.

Do you need to launch your campaigns at a specific time? Kentico 10 will allow you to schedule smooth starts of your marketing campaigns–you'll be able to set when the campaign should be running and tracked, and also schedule sending of campaign-related emails.

Want to know more about how we extended the tracking and reporting capabilities, how you can schedule your campaigns, and how you can leverage all that for your lead generation and promotional campaigns? Join our webinar to discover the opportunities coming your way with the extended Integrated Campaign Management.

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Martin Michalik

I'm Online Marketing Product Owner and I'm writing mainly about Kentico features such as Contact management, Marketing automation, E-mail marketing, A/B testing, etc.