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Upgrading to Kentico 9

Andy Thompson    —       —    Article

Kentico 9 was officially released to the public on Tuesday 24 November 2015, at the annual Kentico Connection conference in Kentico's home town of Brno, Czech Republic. I was lucky enough to be at the conference, including the official launch party!

There's been a huge buzz around this release, especially among solution partners such as Get Started, as it represents a huge leap forward for the platform. In addition to a slew of tweaks, improvements and optimisations, Kentico has really stepped up its game with some modern enterprise-level features such as class-leading Continuous Integration (CI) tools, ASP.NET MVC development support, and brand new Integrated Campaign Management which allows marketers to harness the huge volume of data behind Kentico EMS.

Speeding up Kentico Websites with Rackspace CDN and Origin Pull

Andy Thompson    —       —    Article

I recently published a post on Kentico Website Speed Optimisation Basics, which goes through a range of simple and effective ways to get your Kentico website purring.

This post focuses on one specific, more advanced performance optimisation technique: implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). I go into detail on how to selectively apply a special type of “origin pull” CDN in order to get the performance benefits of a traditional CDN, while still retaining all the advantages of the highly dynamic and flexible Kentico platform.

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