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  • Wireframing in Kentico 10
    Ben Bricker    —       —    Question

    We have a new site setup in Kentico 10, and were going to use the wireframing feature that was in Kentico 8, but it either isn't the same as in Kentico 8, or it has been removed. I was wondering i...

  • Kentico Technical Learning - Using wire framing to architect great Kentico sites
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    James Cannings (CTO, MMT Digital - Kentico Gold Partner) talks about how they use wire framing tools in order to develop UI \ UX in parallel with transparent planning on page templates with the client. The talk will look at how wireframes are used to discuss the use of widgets, web parts, different widget\webpart zone layouts and the use of custom document types at an early stage as well as the use of wireframes in the development of bespoke Kentico modules. The talk will focus on the Axure RP Pro wire framing software although the concepts apply to any tools that you care to use.