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  • Twitter autopost not working
    adam wright    —       —    Question

    I am using the social marketing api to schedule and send tweetsi was using 8.1.3 but the code was firing the schedule task but was not showing up in twitter or producing and error so i upgraded to ...

  • LinkedIn integration in Kentico 8.1
    Juraj Hrinik    —       —    Article

    Companies are using LinkedIn to increase brand awareness, boost sales and generate new leads. You can now manage your LinkedIn company page right from Kentico.

  • Social marketing in Kentico 8
    Juraj Hrinik    —       —    Article

    Kentico 8 is responding to growing interest in social marketing with the brand new social marketing module for Facebook and Twitter. The social marketing module was implemented to reinforce your social marketing strategies.

  • 10 questions to ask about your social media plan
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Article

    Social media is an overloaded term that broadly describes a variety of online platforms that utilize internet technology to enable social interaction. The most common examples are blogging, podcasts, forums, and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Social media is quickly becoming a prominent tool in the modern marketing world. Websites can no longer be static bulletin boards that promote products and services. Social media opens up a dynamic dialogue with your audience, allowing for interaction and personal connection. The always on world of today has forced companies to consider how they engage virtually and shift their marketing strategies to include this new engagement mechanism. A strategy involving social media is not something any company should approach lightly. It highlights your brand, company cultures and values in a very public way. In this blog post we will look at ten questions to ask about your social media plan.