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  • Smart search index Error 429
    Gleb Itenberg    —       —    Question

    I'm using partly customized search index. I'v created a handler for event GetContent_Execute and there I call my method that adds custom fields to Index. For getting content I'm using SearchCrawler...

  • Limit Page Crawler
    MJ FV    —       —    Question

    I created a smart search index Page Crawler in my Blog so i can search for a custom field i created(blog post author). I couldn't use the Page Index because it only searched for the ID and not the ...

  • Pages crawler not returning search results
    Jeroen Fürst    —       —    Article

    We are a big fan of widgets in our projects and this typically requires us to use a specific smart search index type to scan our content. In these scenarios it is recommended to use the pages crawler index type which indexes the HTML output of the pages. The pages crawler is more accurate than the standard pages index type as it also indexes content rendered via web parts and widgets.