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  • character issue
    lawrence whittemore    —       —    Question

    having a weird issue where charters are showing as weird characters. example this ç is changing to ç

  • Which Super Hero Developer Are You?
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Developers are, all around, pretty awesome. To the average person, they have incredible powers and the ability to do amazing things. While all are capable of being heroes (or villains, if you’re a little on the sinister side), not all developers have the same strengths. In this blog, we’ll find out which super hero developer you are, and get you started on your path to saving the world. 

  • Getting name of the node
    Ei Dar Li Ko Ko    —       —    Question

    HI... I am working on a blog to retrieve exactly the name of that particular blog to show on the web part my sql is @SELECT TOP 1 * FROM customtable_blog WHERE CHARINDEX('/'+REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE...