Which Super Hero Developer Are You?


Developers are, all around, pretty awesome. To the average person, they have incredible powers and the ability to do amazing things. While all are capable of being heroes (or villains, if you’re a little on the sinister side), not all developers have the same strengths. In this blog, we’ll find out which super hero developer you are, and get you started on your path to saving the world. 

Which Super Hero Developer Are You?

As developers, we’ve all been there. You are coding along, listening to Skrillex (or whatever you like to hear), when the Marketing team bursts in.

“What’s that, Valerie? There’s been an attack on the public site? Quick, to the Hall of Justice!”

 As the keepers of the code, we are asked to respond quickly to emergencies and save the day, time and time again. Whether it’s thwarting a DoS attack or finding a way to restore two years of data the intern just wiped out, developers truly are super heroes in their own right. While we all possess similar traits, there are different types of guardians with different abilities. Let’s find out which super hero you are.


SupermanEveryone wants to be Superman. I mean, what’s not to like? He has super strength, can fly, and is pretty much amazing in every way. While he may have a few weaknesses, he’s able to carry the world on his shoulders to save the day. Sure, he was orphaned on Earth thanks to a little planet-explosion problem, but he makes every attempt to help others and is truly one of the greats. Even when he’s not being super, he was rocking the hipster glasses long before they were cool. He’s modest and reserved, often saving the day without ever needing recognition.

Some developers just seem to be gods among men. They have the ability to handle any task thrown their way, complete an astounding amount of work, all without even wrinkling their cape. These coders can develop lightning fast, manage multiple tasks, and never leave a deadline dangling in distress. They are well-rounded, with expert knowledge and skills. They work well within teams or on their own, doing what is needed to get the job done. Speaking of teams, they are born leaders and command great respect from those around them, thanks to their willingness to assist others and fight for what’s right.

If this sounds like you, start building your Fortress of Solitude today.

Iron Man

Iron ManIron Man is a true engineer, understanding the inner workings of systems and machinery. With his impressive tools and resources, he has expert-level knowledge of how things work. What he doesn’t understand, he dismantles and reviews, piece by piece, until he gets to the core of the issue. Never one to miss an opportunity to boast, Iron Man backs up every self-serving compliment with impressive feats and success. With Jarvis by his side, he has the resources and skills to build amazing things, all while driving an exotic sports car and with a drink in hand.

Everyone knows a developer like this. A grinder and genius. Someone that just HAS to understand how things work from the inside out. They are exceptionally detail oriented and can understand systems from every angle. They have mastered the tools in their arsenal and can use all those features most people have never even heard of. They are quick to learn new things and adapt them to their needs, all with style and showmanship. I guarantee there are more than a few Easter eggs in their code, and they make sure everyone knows of their accomplishments. If you’re a developer that loves digging in, has deep pockets, and your own AI butler, Iron Man may just be your style.

Captain America

CaptainAmericaEveryone loves an underdog-turned-champion. Someone who seems to come from nothing but ends up being a true super hero. Captain America is a role model for the everyday man. He has super strength and an even stronger heart. He is the eternal optimist, building others up and keeping everyone around him safe. He fights for what’s right and would never dishonor himself or others. With super strength and abilities, he corrects the wrongs of the world and throws a big metal Frisbee to prove his point.

Some developers seem too genuine to be true. Everything they do is good-natured, always helping others along the way. They pitch in on any project, never asking for anything in return. They are capable and skilled, able to take over any task that is needed. They work great within a team and are the voice of reason and common sense, guiding others to make the right choice. Developers like Captain America are the rock companies build their teams upon. They boost morale and productivity, lifting others around them on a regular basis. If getting in the trenches to help your fellow soldiers is your style, you better talk to Stark Industries about getting your shield forged.


MystiqueThe ever-changing Mystique is one of the craftiest and most resourceful super heroes. Her ability to adapt to any situation, along with a whole mess of ninja-level skills, makes her a formidable foe for whomever happens to be at the end of her roundhouse kick. From an early age, she learned how to change herself to match her surroundings, always adjusting her skills to suit her needs. She is extremely intelligent and opportunistic, aligning herself with whatever team will lead to her survival. While her intentions and loyalties are often shrouded in mystery, there’s no denying her ability to handle whatever she is dealt.

While (hopefully) not as devious as Mystique’s good/bad nature, many developers are equally as adaptable. They have the capacity to morph their skills into the needs of the team, ensuring success at any costs. They work well with many different teams and departments, and can speak to different audiences in a language they understand. They are just as at home in an architecting session as they are in a sales pitch. They’re extremely flexible, with the ability to use their expert skills to overcome obstacles and challenges. If you love moving from one environment to the next and wearing a hundred different hats, bust out the blue paint and get to morphing.


AquamanAquaman is no doubt one of the most powerful super heroes when it comes to the sea. With the ability to control water and talk to dolphins about their favorite sports teams (I’m assuming the Miami Dolphins), he is the master of all the oceans and the king of Atlantis. He has super human strength, can stay underwater indefinitely, and rules over 70% of the planet. While this makes him a certifiable champion under the waves, he may only be merely great on land. Still possessing super strength and speed out of the water, he works best in his aquatic environment, where he is able to use all his abilities to their fullest.

Some developers are a “Jack of all trades, Master of None.” While this is good for mere mortals, we’re talking about super heroes here! Whether it’s a platform they just love or a language they invented, some developers are true super powers when it comes to a specific area or skill. When in their element, they have the ability to control their code with mind-numbing quickness and agility. They possess a vast knowledge and understanding of a topic and are able to articulate it and teach others. While they often can excel in other areas, they love working within their area of expertise and it shows in their ability. If you love being an expert in your field and you like to surf, Aquaman may be for you.

Up Up and Away!

Every developer has the ability to be amazing. We create and invent new applications and systems that shape the world around us. This gives us the real opportunity to do some good and save the day on a regular basis. Developing is hard work and it takes a super hero to do it well. Whether you have a bulletproof cape or an arsenal of tools, always use your powers to the best of your ability.

And score a cool outfit and a movie deal while you’re at it.

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